Vintage Jane Dress

Several weeks ago, I purchased a pattern from Pink Fig called Vintage Jane Dress and Top.

Vintage Jane by Pink FigAt the time, the pattern was on sale for $2. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something I could do or not, but at that price, “why not?”.

The first dress I made from the pattern was Lauryn’s Easter Dress.

We went to our local quilt store and picked out the most adorable fabrics.

These are Little Red Riding Hood, designed by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Fabrics.

photo 4I followed the pattern directions exactly. (except for the serger part, I didn’t have one)

photo 2

photo 1photo 5photo 3The next dress I made with this pattern, I altered. It almost doesn’t even resemble the original pattern. No waist, no ruffles, no double fabrics at the hem.

I made 2 dresses similar to this one. The other one is blue. These are more casual and my little girl refuses to wear anything but skirts and dresses, so much needed in this house. :)

And the last dress, I finished yesterday. This one is for one of my best friend’s daugthers. She is a Minnie Mouse enthusiast, so I just knew that I needed to find a way to make it “all things Minnie”.

What better shouts Minnie Mouse than red and white Polka Dots?

I got this Riley Blake Polka Dot fabric from an Etsy Shop. The trim and threads are from my stash.

Again, I altered the pattern once more, creating my own version of the sleeves and ruffles. And came up with this:

Minnie Mouse Dress by Sheri SalatinThe birthday party is on Saturday and I can’t wait to give it to her! :)

I must admit, I was pretty excited to wake up to the heavy rain yesterday. A day of sewing for me! :) Yippee!

What is your favorite rainy day project?


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2 Responses to Vintage Jane Dress

  1. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Those are really cute dresses. Good job!

  2. Rose says:

    I love all of these so much. You have epic skills!!