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A trip to Australia later, it’s time for the Center Stars!

I love how these turned out. I almost never iron my seams open on quilts, but I followed Melissa’s advice and found that it really helped to keep the centers lined up and everything flat and even.

Here they are all pinned and ready to sew:

Sheri Salatin Star Light Star Bright - Center Stars

And here’s the first two I made just to see how they would look with the seams open:

Sheri Salatin - Star Light Star Bright Star Centers

And finally ALL of them done!!

Sheri Salatin - Star Light Star Bright Stars

16 stars in all. Every single one of them is different. :)

I’m way behind because of our trip to Australia – Read more on my other blog, Polyface Hen House.

It was purely a business trip, but that did not stop me from loving every minute of the new places, sights, sounds and food!!

Here’s a picture of my hubby and I in front of the famous Sydney Opera House. You can see all of my pictures of our trip here.

Star Light Star Bright ButtonHere’s the schedule from Melissa’s blog:

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3 Responses to Star Light Star Bright | Stars

  1. Your stars look fantastic!!! And yes, your points are matched just perfect!! Great job!!! So glad you had a good time on your trip, that is on my bucket list to visit one day šŸ˜‰

  2. The Sassy Quilter says:

    Looking great! You will catch up in no time:)

  3. Jennifer Lassiter says:

    Sheri, it is a pleasure to keep up with you and your family! Love the quilt!