What are you doing today?

Daniel & I during last week’s seminar

Time has got me around the neck and squeezing hard so this post is going to be SHORT :)

We’re getting ready for our Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars taking place next Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday. So, I’m going to be busy in the kitchen helping with the baking.

My goal today is to make and bake 36 dozen cookies and 16 loaves of bread. See, I told you I was being squeezed! :)

I hope your day is a little less hectic.

What are you up to today?

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4 Responses to What are you doing today?

  1. Anything Polyface does is TOP-NOTCH! My husband loved taking his Environmental Law students to visit your farm! And today, I interviewed Katie Ganshert for my blog and then I guest blogged at Amanda Dykes’ blogspot. So of course, I overslept and didn’t get the post up when I should have for the link to work! This is how my day’s going–hope yours goes more smoothly-grin.

  2. Send me a loaf! I’m going to see Batman. Seating will take strategic planning! lol

  3. Susan says:

    Oh, I made cookies last night, but only 3 dozen…and I think I’ve eaten at least the first 1:) Good luck on your crazy day/weekend!

  4. Happy baking, Sheri! Wow! 36 dozen cookies and 16 bread loaves. How many ovens do you have???

    My day isn’t nearly as busy as yours. I’m going to spend the afternoon meeting with my writers group and discussing ideas for a novella. Have a great weekend. Eat some of the goodies you’re preparing :-)