Farmer’s Wife Quilt continued

I now have 24 blocks done on my Farmer’s Wife Quilt. :)

Yes, I’m really excited.

Here are the photos

And here is a picture of all of them so far. I can really see them coming together. Too bad this whole thing is only about 2 ft by 3 ft wide :) Those little tiny 6 inch blocks don’t go any where fast!

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7 Responses to Farmer’s Wife Quilt continued

  1. Sarah VanLeeuwen says:

    So pretty, Sheri! And hey, who says a crib quilt can’t be just as nice as a queen-size, right? (Okay, bassinet quilt??)

  2. Jess L. says:

    Wow it’s beautiful and so detailed. keep up the good work.

  3. Linda J says:

    Hi, Sheri. Saw your post on the yahoo group and popped over to see how your blocks look. Very good! You are well on your way.
    The soft blues and pinks are wonderful along with the purples and greens.

    I am still in the preparing to sew stages because other quilt challenge pieces and pro bono stuff keeps getting in the way. Like you, I want a queen sized one for my bed at some point. I can’t quit tweaking my design either as I decided early on that I want to use some of my favorite blocks. Others are committed to following Laurie Hinds book and each pattern.