Meadow Spring: Recall

One word that I truly hate:


I’m not talking about remembering an event from the past. I’m talking about recalling an item after it was put on the market, bought and either eaten or used.

“Oops, we’re sorry, that chicken you just ate? Yeah, well, it’s been recalled and you’ll probably get sick and die from it.”

“Oh, yes, those drop sided cribs that your precious infant has been sleeping in? Yeah, well, they aren’t safe anymore. Your baby will suffocate or strangle in them.”

Thanks for telling me AFTER I used it for several years and AFTER I cooked dinner for my family. Don’t forget about the car seats and tires and peanut butter.

Have you noticed that it has been coming more and more lately? Or is it just me?

As a culture are we recalling other things too, like our words?

“I know that I told you that you are fat and ugly, but I’m recalling those words.”

I tell my kids that words are like toothpaste. Once you squeeze them from the tube, they can’t be put back. Try it if you don’t believe me.

Aren’t you glad that their is no recall on God’s Word? Can you imagine God operating like this?

“Love thy neighbor as thyself? Actually, no there has been a recall on that phrase and you no longer have to love your neighbor at all. We’ve decided that you should love your dog like your neighbor instead.” What?

Yes, I know today’s post is random, but seriously, when is enough enough?


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4 Responses to Meadow Spring: Recall

  1. Jessica R. Patch says:

    Excellent point and I have noticed so many things being recalled lately. Are we more conscious or have we become lazier? Who knows?

    Love the toothpaste analogy. I’ll have to share this one with my kids! :) Great post today. Glad you went random on us!!

  2. Susan Tuttle says:

    Oh yes – some days I wish I had a recall button but maybe I just need a better internal editor.

    How’s NaNo going for you – did you decide to be a rebel?

  3. Ellajac says:

    Internal editor, yes! I need better ‘quality control’ so I don’t have to ‘recall’ things. :]

    I don’t use toothpaste though… not sure my kids would understand that analogy.. hehe